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J. Wilson's World
Friday, March 5, 2010
Topic: Blogging

This blog is moving! My scribblings can now be read at:

wilsonblog (at blogspot)

Posted by J. Wilson at 3:02 PM EST
Sunday, February 28, 2010
People with guns collection - Photo # 23
Topic: People With Guns

From my own personal collection!

Posted by J. Wilson at 5:55 PM EST
Sunday, February 21, 2010
Topic: Colt
After 18 years of window shopping I finally found a Colt Python at a price that I could live with, and that wasn't easy considering they only go up year after year after year. Wish I had purchased one of those first Pythons that I drooled over way back in 1992 but it wasn't really financially possible for me back then. Since then I've had plenty of opportunities to buy but never found the "right" one. A few years back I started getting more serious about finding an example of the fabled Python .357 because by then it was one of the few guns left that I wanted but had never owned. This revolver is an excellent condition (98% easy) 4-inch blue model and was made in 1979. With all of the bad weather we have been having I doubt that I get to shoot this one until at least March, until then I'll just have to wait and suffer. More to follow...

Posted by J. Wilson at 9:54 AM EST
Saturday, February 20, 2010
Please continue buying
Topic: Guns - Related
Have been continuing my wallyworld® ammunition buying program into the new year, but have scaled back a bit. For a while I was buying ammo on every single visit (if only a box or two). Now, it's every other visit. I would continue as I have been but I am now running out of space to properly store it. My last two visits found me purchasing .22LR. You can't ever have enough .22 and even though it has gone up in price (like all ammo) it still seems a bargain compared to other cartridges. I mean a twenty dollar bill will buy you a 550 round "bulk pack" with some change left over. Not as cheap as it used to be but still sounds
pretty good, doesn't it? Especially compared to something like .357 Magnum which will take that twenty of yours, plus another five spot just for one 50 round box. But to make your "gun money" work its hardest you do need to price compare, the lowest price for the previously mentioned .357 was found not at our local chain store but at a gun shop which is not usually known for their low-low prices. You wouldn't think that would ever happen but it does occasionally. You can also save money by buying in bulk. But in many areas stores are still enforcing limits on ammunition purchasers started during the buying frenzy that began in late '08. My local chain store will still only sell you 6 boxes at a time. I'm thinking that prices are never going to get much lower than they are now, stock up while you can because this stuff has nowhere to go but up.

Posted by J. Wilson at 11:55 AM EST

Topic: Prepare
Since late last year I have been making a concerted effort to standardize my gun ammunition. Actually I have been whittlin' down on the various calibers that I own for longer than that and have finally got to the point where I don't think I will be eliminating any more. Last month I got rid of the only .22 Magnum that I own, it was the last of what I consider my "odd man out" calibers and that leaves me with exactly 9 left to buy, every gun that I now own is in one of these 9 calibers. They are: .22LR - .38 S&W Special - .357 S&W Magnum - 9x19mm - .45 ACP - 5.56 NATO (.223 Remington) - 7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester) - .30-06 - 12 Gauge. I like the mentioned calibers for their overall usefulness, wide spread availability and price (compared to similar, but less produced calibers). I probably would even get rid of the 30-06 but I already have a great rifle in that caliber and plenty of ammo for it so I'll just keep it. Don't know if I'll buy any more though. I also have numerous boxes of ammo for calibers that I no longer own. My first thought was to just get rid of them now and clear out some space. But they only take up one ammo can and they might make for some great barter material sometime...

Posted by J. Wilson at 11:51 AM EST

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